• Name of the Course: Diploma Level
    Duration: 1 Yrs
    Eligibility: To be eligible for admission in diploma courses offered by this university the candidate mustbe a graduate of any faculty of recognized university by UGC
    Course Nomenclature:
    1. Diploma in Taxation Laws(D.T.L.)
    2. Diploma in Labour Laws (D.L.L. )
    3. Diploma in Human Rights (D.H.R.)
    4. Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution System (D.A.D.R)
    5. Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Laws (D.I.P.L.)
    6. Diploma in Cyber Laws (D.C.L.)
    7. Diploma in Corporate Laws (D.CoL.)
    8. Diploma in Foreign Investment Laws
    9. Diploma in Media & Law
    10. Diploma In E-Learning, E-litigation & Legal Process Outsourcing
    11. Diploma in AIR & Space Laws
    12. Diploma in Anti –Corruption Laws
    13. Diploma in Social Legislation
    14. Diploma in Women's Studies and Gender Justice
    Diploma Courses: Annual Pattern
    Course structure
    1) Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution System.
    1. Paper I : Intellectual property law : Evolution, concept and kinds
    2. Paper II : International law relating to Arbitration
    3. Paper III : Alternative Dispute Resolution system
    4. Paper IV : Comparative study of Arbitration laws
    2) Diploma in Intellectual property law
    1. Paper I : Intellectual property law : Evolution, concept and kinds
    2. Paper II : Law relating to recognition and protection of patent
    3. Paper III : Law of copy right in India
    4. Paper IV : Trade Marks and Industrial Design laws in India
    3) Diploma in Labour Laws (D.L.L)
    1. Paper I : Law Relating to Industrial Relations & Adjudication.
    2. Paper II : Social Security Legislations.
    3. Paper III : Law of Wages and Principles of Wage Fixation.
    4. Paper IV : Legislations Affecting Conditions of Work.
    4) Diploma in Taxation in Laws (D.T.L)
    1. Paper I : Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.
    2. Paper II : Central Sales Tax and Bombay Sales Tax Act.
    3. Paper III : Wealth Tax and Gift Tax Act.
    4. Paper IV : Central Excise and Custom Duties.
    5) Diploma in Human Rights (DHR)
    1. Paper I : Historical Background and Foundation of Human Rights.
    2. Paper II : Protection of Civil and Political Rights.
    3. Paper III : Protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
    4. Paper IV : Protection System and Implementation of Human Rights and Standards
    6) Diploma in Women's Studies and Gender Justice
    1. Paper I : Feminism and Global Standards of Gender Justice.
    2. Paper II : Protection of Women's Rights under the Indian Law
    3. Paper III : Law Relating to Offences against Women
    4. Paper IV : Patriarchical Elements in Indian Legal System and Feminist Critique
    7) Diploma In Corporate Law
    1. Paper I : Business &Commercial Law
    2. Paper II : Corporate Accounting, Corporate Taxation & FEMA
    3. Paper III : Company Law And Practice
    4. Paper IV : Practical Training
    8) Diploma In Cyber Law
    1. Paper I : Introduction To Cyber Space And Law
    2. Paper II : Cyber Crimes And Indian Perspective
    3. Paper III : Cyber Laws: Issues and related Legislations
    4. Paper IV : E-Commerce And Taxation
    9) Diploma in Foreign Investment Laws
    1. Paper I : Foreign Direct investment &International Law on investment
    2. Paper II : Foreign Investment Laws in United States of America
    3. Paper III : Foreign Investment Laws in European Countries
    4. Paper IV : Foreign Investment Laws in India
    10) Diploma in Media & Law
    1. Paper I : General Law relating to Media
    2. Paper II : Broadcasting &electronic Media
    3. Paper III : Media ®ulatory Framework
    4. Paper IV : Advertising ,Media Trial &Self Regulation
    11) Diploma In E-Learning, E-litigation &Legal Process Outsourcing
    1. Paper I : E Learning
    2. Paper II : E-Litigation
    3. Paper III : Legal Process outsourcing
    4. Paper IV : Information technology
    12) Diploma in AIR &Space Laws
    1. Paper I : Law of Air
    2. Paper II :Law of outer Space
    3. Paper III :Indian Air &space Law
    4. Paper IV : International Air & Space law Diploma in Media &Laws
    13) Diploma in Anti –Corruption Laws
    1. Paper I : Basic features Of the Constitution &Justice delivery System
    2. Paper II : Anti-Corruption Law in India
    3. Paper III :Comparative Study of Anti-Corruption Laws
    4. Paper IV :Judicial Guidelines: Lok-Ayuktas, Lokpal (Ombudsman)
    14) Diploma in Social Legislation
    1. Paper I : Maintenance &welfare of Aged Parents & Senior Citizens
    2. Paper II :Laws relating to women
    3. Paper III :Law relating to family Court in India
    4. Paper IV :Juvenile justice & Child rights In India

    Examination system:

    In each theory paper of 100 Marks 20 marks shall be awarded for internal examination and 80 marks shall be awarded for annual examination.


    Standard of passing:

    In order to pass an examination, an examinee must obtain not less than 50% of the marks in each paper.


    ATKT rules:



    Award of class:

    50% & above & Less than 60% :: Second Class
    60% & above & Less than 75% :: First Class
    75% & above :: First Class with Distinction


    Fee structure:

    5,000/- p.a.

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